Cyclone Sitrang to make landfall in Bangladesh

 According to weathermen, Sitrang can cause heavy to very heavy rain in india’s West Bengal and Odhisa regions

RH Desk
October 24

Bangladesh is bracing for a strong cyclone Sitrang that is likely to hit the coastal regions, of the south Asian country, on Tuesday.

On Sunday, the local Meteorological Department said that the depression over the East-Central Bay and adjoining area moved slightly northwestwards and intensified into a deep depression.

According to the department, the low-lying areas of the country’s coastal districts are likely to be inundated by a wind-driven high tide that may be 3-5 feet high.

As many as 19 coastal districts of Bangladesh are regularly facing cyclones and other natural disasters due to what experts call climate change impacts. Bangladesh is one of the most climate-vulnerable and disaster-prone nations in the world.

In the neighboring India, the weather department said Sitrang is very likely to intensify into a severe cyclonic storm as it gathers pace over the Bay of Bengal.

Sitrang can cause heavy to very heavy rain in the coastal districts of West Bengal region of India and isolated heavy rain in north coastal Odisha state,  the Meteorological officials in India say. 

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