India’s tiger population rises by 200 in four years

In 2002, India had a total tiger population of 3167 as against 2967 in 2018. In 1973, India launched “Project Tiger” to revive the tiger population

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April 9

India on Sunday announced that the country’s tiger population has reached 3167 in 2022.

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi who inaugurated the program ‘Commemoration of 50 years of Project Tiger’at Mysuru, in southern Karnataka on Sunday declared tiger numbers and released the summary report of All India Tiger Estimation (5th cycle).

According to the data shared by Modi, the tiger population stood at 1,411 in 2006, 1,706 in 2010, 2,226 in 2014, 2,967 in 2018, and 3,167 in 2022.

Modi remarked that everyone is witness to the landmark event of Project Tiger completing 50 years today and said that its success is not only a moment of pride for India but the entire world.

“Project Tiger” was launched in India on April 1, 1973, to revive the tiger population. In the beginning, there were nine tiger reserves but at present 53 tiger reserves are covered under the project.

The tiger reserves in India cover 75,000 square kilometres of land and in the past ten to twelve years, the tiger population in the country has increased by 75 % the premier said.

Modi on Sunday also launched the International Big Cats Alliance (IBCA). In July 2019, the Prime Minister called for an Alliance of Global Leaders to obliterate demand and firmly curb poaching and illegal wildlife trade in Asia.

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