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Kashmir’s ‘yellow snowfall’ attributed to dusty winds from Pak, Afghanistan

The Himalayan region of Kashmir in India witnessed yellowish snowfall on Thursday night that experts say because of the dust carried by the winds.

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The Himalayan region of Kashmir in the northern part of India witnessed yellow snowfall on Thursday night, say local officials on Friday. The snowfall looked yellowish because it was filled with dust that covered the area once the snow melted.

The Meteorological department of the region confirmed that ‘yellowish’ snowfall and clarified that it was caused by the dust carried by the western disturbance from neighbouring Pakistan and Afghanistan region.

“(The) analysis of second-generation Weather Satellite (Meteosat-9) of EUMETSAT (European Operational Satellite Agency) confirms that yesterday’s (Thursday, February 9) yellowish/dusty Snowfall over some parts of North Kashmir was dust carried out by winds from central parts of Pakistan and southern Afghanistan,” the Met office of the region said. “It (dusty winds from Pakistan and Afghanistan) started at around 7 p.m. (Indian standard time), traveled towards the northeast, and reached north Kashmir by around 2 a.m. during the night”.

The northern parts of Kashmir received a fresh spell of snowfall on Thursday while rains lash other parts of the Himalayan state.

The ‘yellow snow’ had surprised many people in the region and they tried to look for explanations for these phenomenon.

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