UN to call a “no non-sense” summit on climate next year

The world body is convening a Climate Ambition Summit in September next year to spur action on climate change 

RH Staff
December 20

As governments have “fallen short of their emission reduction targets”, the United Nations is set to convene a “no non-sense” climate summit next year, promised the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

Echoing his call for action, Mr Guterres said that he would call a Climate Ambition Summit in September next year and urged the world leaders to “step up – from governments, business, cities and religions, civil society and finance”.

“We owe it to people to find solutions, to fight back, and to act”, the UN Secretary General said while speaking at the year-end new conference. “At times, discreetly but always with determination, we will fight back”.

Mr Guterres said the proposed summit would be “a no-nonsense” summit. “No exceptions. No compromises. There will be no room for back-sliders, greenwashers, blame-shifters or repackaging of announcements of previous years,” he said

He said the summit would be convened alongside a General Assembly opening-week summit. Mr Guterres said although there may be plenty of reasons for despair amid the Ukraine war that was not an option. “This is not a time to sit on the sidelines, it is a time for resolve, determination, and – yes – even hope,” he said”. “Because despite the limitations and long odds, we are working to push back against despair, to fight back against disillusion and to find real solutions. Not perfect solutions – not even always pretty solutions – but practical solutions that are making a meaningful difference to people’s lives. Solutions that must put us on a pathway to a better, and more peaceful future.”

While highlighting the deals to halt destructions of ecosystem, Mr Guterres said that they are “finally starting to form a peace pact, with nature”. He urged the world governments to “deliver on their promises”.

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