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School children in India demand climate change in school curriculum

Over 300 students from different government-run schools in India’s Uttar Pradesh attended a convention organized by the region’s Basic Education Department and the UNICEF

RH Staff
November 18

At a time when the global climate summit is in progress in Egypt, hundreds of school children in India conducted a children’s convention in India and demanded the inclusion of climate change in the school curriculum.

Officials said that over 300 students from different government-run schools attended the convention, organized jointly by the Basic Education Department of Uttar Pradesh and UNICEF, two days before World Children’s Day which is being celebrated on Sunday.

After the convention, the students handed over a charter of demands to the officials of the regional government and urged them to include climate change in the school curriculum. The students also made a slew of demands including playgrounds in schools, mental health counseling, and ban on cutting of trees.

“During this campaign, children not became aware of the responsible climate actions that they had to take and also decided to become the vehicle of social change in their families, schools and communities,” local news agencies quoted UNICEF Education specialist Ram Chandra Rao Begur as saying. “A booklet with stories of such climate warriors would be released on the occasion and the posters done by children would be displayed.”

Government officials say the convention and the charter of demands showcase the understanding of climate change among children. “Climate change is a global issue. The children of government schools have a very good understanding of it,” Principal Secretary (Basic Education) Deepak Kumar was quoted as saying. “If children are aware of the consequences of climate change and are ready to make the change, they are sure to spread the message within their families.”

The children’s convention in Uttar Pradesh has come barely a month after over 6000 students from over 200 schools had participated in a week-long campaign on climate change in India.

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