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The Himalayas- with its mountains and valleys–are home to over a 100 million people. Himalayan waters, therefore, play a very crucial role in the lives of a tenth of the humanity, which directly or indirectly gets affected by it.

The Himalayas are rich in diversity of flora and fauna. While it harbours over 10000 plant species, it is also home to over 300 species of mammals, and close to a thousand species of birds. In fact, 163 globally threatened species live in the Himalayas.

However, over the years, the region has been facing serious threat from the climate change, having global consequences – the temperatures are soaring, glaciers are melting and the snow and rainfall patterns are drastically changing – leading to devastating floods and droughts. It is said that the future wars would be fought to control The water resources of the world. In fact the water conflicts have already become a reality leading to animosity between the countries.

The Himalayas are not just the source of some of the major rivers of Asia but also help to regulate the climate of our planet.

Report Himalayas would be focusing on the politics of water in the region, heightened sensitivities of the nations inhabiting the vast Himalayan region.

With its focus primarily on environment and ecology, Report Himalayas is an attempt to provide clear, incisive, informed and accurate news and analysis about the changing climate and weather patterns in the Himalayan region.

Report Himalayas is for the lay man wanting to learn more about Himalayas and the environs it houses. Our reportage and analysis aims to look at how human interventions in the region and elsewhere have aggravated problems and introduced new ones.

Adhering to strict code of journalistic ethics, our team would help readers to understand the geophysical environment of the Himalaya and also focus on issues that shape the future not just of Asia but the world.

We believe our informed reporting will lead to a meaningful awareness and action for a peaceful and prosperous world. We also aim to enhance and improve the flow of information on environment and ecology of the Himalayan region and inspire the readers to for a meaningful and lasting action as key to Asia’s future lies in the Himalayas.

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